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Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate Dihydrochloride
USA Production Patent #6703042
Worldwide Production Patent #EP1202956

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AminoCarnitines® at Work

ArginoCarn® is a patented combination of distinct forms of L-Carnitine and a specific amino acid (AminoCarnitines®). ArginoCarn® fuses L-Carnitine with Arginate to create an entirely new powerful molecule. Thanks to this breakthrough formula, ArginoCarn® combines all the benefits of L-Carnitine, plus an extra boost of essential amino acids needed for nitric oxide production and fatty acid metabolism.

ArginoCarn® – The Benefits of L-Carnitine & AminoCarnitine

ArginoCarn® is the next generation form of Carnitine that delivers specific amino acids in one breakthrough formula that enhances the benefits of L-Carnitine. As an assistant to mitochondrial function it helps promote cell growth, cellular differentiation and may even play a role in the aging process. This AminoCarnitine formula helps boost mitochondrial energy production and promotes targeted benefits for the brain, heart, and central nervous system. In addition it may help promote the following mitochondrial function benefits:

  • Increased cellular energy production
  • Advanced support of neurological function
  • Prolonged stamina
  • Greater vitality
  • Improved fat utilization
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health
  • Improved fat utilization
  • Improved workout recovery times
  • Improved hbA1c levels
  • Supports increased blood flow

ArginoCarn Scientific Documents

AminoCarnitines® - Delivering L-Carnitine for Maximum Performance

Give your formulas a boost with the AminoCarnitine power of ArginoCarn® from Sigma-tau HealthScience. Call us at 1-877-246-7468 for complete information or simply fill out the form located on this page.

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Watch Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S., speak at the Natural Products Expo West 2008.

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