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USA Production Patent #6485741

AminoCarnitines® for Serious Cardiovascular Support

Carnishield is a unique combination of distinct forms of L-Carnitine and a specific amino acid (AminoCarnitines®). Carnishield is a patented combination of L-Carnitine and fumaric acid designed to provide truly unique nourishment for healthy heart maintenance.

CarniShield – Another Carnitine Innovation

Sigmau-tau HealthScience has been at the forefront on L-Carnitine research, providing a number of AminoCarnitines® that distribute Carnitine quickly and easily for maximum health benefits. This improved encapsulated form of L-Carnitine offers superior handling characteristics and simultaneously provides the highest concentration of L-Carnitine available worldwide.

There are many benefits CarniShield’s L-Carnitine delivery can provide including:
  • Increase in endurance, muscle and heart energy
  • Healthy cardiovascular maintenance
  • Unique nourishment for healthy cardiovascular maintenance
  • Combines L-Carnitine and fumaric acid
  • May decrease cramps and stress
  • Increase oxygen consumption
  • Assist fitness maintenance
  • May help with alcohol and drug detoxification
  • Mood improvement
  • Memory enhancement
  • Patented elemental nutrition for cardiovascular care
  • Mental acuity assistance
  • Possible slowing of mental decline
  • Assistance for those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Decrease body fat while maintaining body weight

AminoCarnitines® - Delivering L-Carnitine for Maximum Performance

Give your formulas a boost with the AminoCarnitine power of CarniShield from Sigma-tau HealthScience. Call us at 1-877-246-7468 for complete information or simply fill out the form located on this page.

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Watch Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S., speak at the Natural Products Expo West 2008.

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