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Keith Thomas - 2/1/09

GlycoCarn® Increases Pump Ability of Muscle Growth Supplements

"As a former athlete and now owner of EST Nutrition, I am always seeking quality ingredients backed by proven science for my formulas. After researching GlycoCarn®, I decided to give it a try. By supplementing with 1.5–3.0 grams a day the increase in my pumps and the overall improvement in my workout performance were so significant, that I decided to utilize this ingredient in my new, non-arginine nitric oxide igniter product, called PLASMATIC™."

"PLASMATIC™ had been in R&D for almost 2 years while I was determining how to make this product one-of-a-kind. After my personal experience with GlycoCarn®, I knew this was what PLASMATIC™ was missing!"

"I recommend GlycoCarn® as a "stand alone" ingredient for athletes and our PLASMATIC™ to anyone…I even stake my name and reputation on it…"

"Science and results, they just don't lie!"

Keith Thomas, CEO/ Founder
EST Nutrition – Orlando, FL

Mark Post - 2/11/09

GlycoCarn® for Cardiovascular Health

"While working for a natural health supplement sister company in 2007 (Rainbow Light®), I came across impressive research on GlycoCarn®-GPLC® and the various benefits for cardiovascular health. As my career path led me to the opportunity to become President of Champion Nutrition (sister company to Rainbow Light®) the following year, I recalled the research that I had reviewed on GlycoCarn® as a multi-clinically proven and certified USP nutritional dietary supplement ingredient. The additional benefits for athletes with regards to nitric oxide increases were sound. We quickly began testing the GlycoCarn® (GPLC) ingredient in pre-workout blended formulas and found the results for strength, energy and massive "Pumps" to be impressive. After months of development we launched Glypro®XTS Complete Stack and a Glypro®XTS stand alone item at the 2008 Mr. Olympia. As a sports nutrition company we support several professional athletes and have been fortunate enough to have a leading MMA fighter train with Glypro®XTS Complete Stack and to also become a world champion. Mike Brown won the WEC 145lb title in November 2008. Champion Nutrition is 100% committed to supporting our Glypro®XTS products containing GlycoCarn® and with that said we are backing that up by supporting an independent clinical research study of our Glypro®XTS product for its use regarding performance benefits. The results will be published Spring 2009. GlycoCarn® is a tremendous ingredient for any athlete training to be a Champion!!!"

Michael Ritter - 1/18/09

GlycoCarn® The Best Supplement

"I am a champion natural bodybuilder that is always looking for an edge in the gym and on stage. Being a natural athlete, I have tried just about every supplement on the market, and NOTHING compares to GlycoCarn! I have never felt such an awesome pump in the gym. My vascularity has improved big time too. One more thing, the benefits from GlycoCarn are not only limited to the gym. You will also feel the "pump" in the bedroom as well! I will never train without GlycoCarn. Thank you for such an amazing product."

In Health, Michael Ritter
Michael Ritter
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
Spokesperson/Sales – Ab Coaster, LLC

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Si-Fu (Master) Eric Oram - Chief Instructor, LA Wing Chun Academy - 5/15/08

GlycoCarn® – Endurance Supplements

"GlycoCarn is a major ingredient in my formula for success – it gives me the stamina, cardio support, and recovery I need to perform at my optimum level. It is amazing. Especially as I enter into the 40-Something Club, I can use all the help I can get!"

Eric Oram
Owner/Founder Wing Chun Kung-Fu Martial Arts Academy – Los Angeles, CA
Martial Arts Trainer to celebrities and others…